Space was created by Jon Bon Jovi and Richard Simmons when they each realized that they collectively had too much stuff and nowhere to put it.

Invented in 1438, Bon Jovi and Simmons created space by mistake. They were originally trying to build a replica of Bea Arthur enjoying a large taco. This plan backfired when 40 Argentinian dwarves stormed their laboratory looking for the question to a Jeopardy! answer. In the chaos that followed, most of Bon Jovi and Simmons' equipment was destroyed, leaving behind what resulted in the "accidental" invention of space.

Realizing the infinite applications, both Jon and Richard filled them all out as fast they could so they could find new jobs while they marketed their new invention.

Taking their new invention to the patent office, Jon and Richard convinced the patent clerk to give up his lunch long enough to give them a patent. Instead the clerk threw a giant pancreas at the pair. The two barely escaped with their lives. But, they got the patent they needed.

Years later, they sold the patent to Huckleberry Hound, and lived the rest of their lives making money off of writing disco songs that you could eat.

As for space... Huckleberry Hound was able to come up with spin-off products like Space-lite, Crystal Space, and the ever popular Space-whiz. Space continues to be used today in pants, shoe horns and crab nebulas.

Huckleberry Hound was arraigned in a California municipal court under the charges of indecent exposure to periscopes. His current whereabouts are unknown...


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